Ten years ago, I was standing on a threshold, with immense grief on one side and tremendous possibilities on the other. With the sudden death of my husband in 2009, and years later, my son’s college graduation, the major roles in my life as wife and mother  changed. I had been a freelance writer and editor working from home for many years, until I found myself in a very “unsettled” place, one that led me to listen more deeply within myself.

As I listened, I discovered I was being led to move to El Paso, at the U.S.-Mexico border, to accompany migrants and refugees. It has been a fulfilling and humbling experience. Here I am learning to open my heart wider, take more risks, and be more vulnerable and compassionate. I’ve discovered that what really matters is that I follow my heart in this stage of my journey. That I listen to my inner being, to the Divine within, and serve a loving God.

That’s what this blog is for — my journey forward as I listen to my heart, step into the unknown, and trust, one little step at a time, and in the process, bring compassion and dignity to the people I accompany. Thank you for joining me.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Cal Biesecker

    Hi Pauline.
    Thank you for your wonderful piece from the heart. And thank you for taking such a courageous step for others that need help.
    Good Luck.


  2. Jeanine

    Pauline – we all have faith in you and gratitude for the important work you will be doing for those in great need. You will not have to worry about anything in the state of Virginia, it will be here for you when you return. Go with peace of mind and all the love in your heart. Jeanine


  3. Oma Ruth

    Pauline Hovey!!!!! How proud I am of you! You will find that doors will open, abundance will be at your disposal magically, inspiration and insights will come unbidden, even in dreams. Take good care of your health, and try to work in whichever of our asanas and breathing sequences were your favorites. Your very proud of you OLD (84 now) Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ruth Geier Conner. Check out my Facebook and put in a few lines of your inspired writing. RGC


    1. Pauline Hovey

      Ruth, so glad you found me! Thank you for your kind words and support of my journey. And “old” is only a frame of mind, no? I will check connect on Facebook soon.


  4. david berkland


    sent a christmass card and it came back so went looking for reason you know engineers changes must be resolved
    found your blog which was well done. quite brave to go alone into missionary type commitment. funny you write more loving as you have faced lifes adversities, so many have become bitter.
    your comments on david made me feel guilty for my lack of such depth with my wife of 36 years Faith if you remember
    stay strong


  5. Patty Huffman

    Pauline, I am so very thankful that you are YOU. I just want to say that my prayer for you is to be able to continue following your heart, loving all those that God brings you eye to eye with as you tend the hours of each day. Thank you Pauline. I am blessed to hear your words. Hugs and fond memories of our times together, and hoping that we will share a cup of coffee or tea again some day. Please do keep that pen going. You are a real voice in a world so far away – and in the midst of what goes on day by day. A voice we know to be true and a voice of love and life. Thank you. Keep writing.


  6. Cora Schenberg

    Pauline! So glad to find you this way. I’d been thinking about you, but generally when I was away from the computer. I just now sat down and wrote you an email, but it bounced. I looked online and was delighted to find your beautiful blog. I’d love to hear from you in person; the email is below. Love, Cora


  7. Missy Ljungdahl

    Pauline, have a great trip! When you return would you please call the El Paso house? I think we have some mail for you. We think of you often and hope you are well. Keep making memories.


    1. Pauline

      Well, it just keeps getting clearer that I have a calling to work with the Latino people and I want to get back to the border, but two things need to happen first. First, I’m waiting until my son graduates from college in May before moving on, and, second, I know I need to improve my Spanish, so I’m returning to Bolivia in February to immerse myself in language school for several weeks. Each step takes me closer. Thanks for asking.


      1. Patty Huffman

        Pauline you are amazing.  My prayers go with you as you take the next step.  and blessings all around you as you learn to speak Spanish.  My vocabulary is quite limited but I can say and read the most important phrase for a woman of my age, “Donde esta el Banyo?”  I think that is correct.  And I do know trabaho is work and cassa is house so my friend I will pray your trabaho to be God led, and your cassa to be warm and welcoming and filled with every thing you need for this journey!  Please keep writing…. Hugs and blessings all around, my friend, Patty ps…tell me about your articles re Fr. Michael.  did they get published?  Can I access them?  And would you ever consider sharing your life journey with current SDI students?  I think you would be a wonderful inspiration for all those folks as they begin to consider their steps forward post SDI.  The Walter Wink book is usually very close to the final semester sessions.  Just a rambling thought..


  8. Cindy Switzer

    Hi Pauline. .Love your blog which I discovered on Facebook. You and Davis look great!Like you,I too, made a great change in my life. Almost 5 years ago I moved back to Buffalo and moved into my childhood home. In December I sold my childhood home and downsized into a mobile home. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for sharing your new journey with us.


  9. Mary

    Greetings Pauline! Thank you for your confidence and your explanation. You inspire me to continue on my daily journey, with confidence, wether I know what I will be doing. The nature of our planet is a beautiful gift given to us to be inspired and loved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pauline

      Thank you for your kind words, Mary. I’m sorry I’ve been so slow in responding. I’m glad you feel inspired. We need more and more people to take courageous, positive actions in defense of the planet and of other human beings.


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