2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Rob Morrell

    Thank you once again for your witness, Pauline.

    I could say that what you’ve described is almost unbelievable, wanton, cruel, random, inhumane, horrific…but I think I have used all those adjectives previously, and it IS all true! God help us, it really is…

    And I fear that if COVID-19 becomes the devastating pandemic that I fear may unfold, we will see the tribalism, authoritarianism, and “us vs. them” views come out in even greater force.

    Seek solace and strength in community, find beauty and Spirit in our surroundings, and remember that we are ALL made in the image of God – however far we may be from being God’s likeness!

    Let us pray…and speak the truth as best we can!


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    1. Pauline

      thank you, Rob. And I believe you’re right about the blame/fear “us vs them” that may unfold as a result of this virus. I wish it were otherwise.


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