When Migrants Return: Sorrow Multiplied

I’m sharing this post from Fr. Bill, a Columban priest from our mission in El Paso who is now visiting El Salvador, where he witnesses daily the very situations that are forcing people to leave their homes. This particular post describes the disheartening situation of people being deported back to the very life-threatening situations they risked fleeing.

When Migrants Return: Sorrow Multiplied.

One thought on “When Migrants Return: Sorrow Multiplied

  1. Rob Morrell

    Pauline – Heartbreaking and, despite your vivid descriptions, almost literally unimaginable to me. A young Central American mother uproots herself and her young children from everything familiar, travels perilously across one strange country (Mexico) to another (the United States), enduring terrible deprivations and even sexual abuse in the process, only to be told she must return with her children to the very horrors she took such desperate risks to escape in the first place. My God, not even Orwell or Kafka could have conjured up some of this horrific stuff…

    Keep delving into all this, Pauline, and keep telling us all that you witness, down to the exhaustion and fear in the eyes of the mothers and the sweetness and confusion in the faces of their children. These stories must be told, as often as necessary, and you are our eyes and the ears as all this unfolds before you!



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