Making My Heart My Home

My life has been full of hellos and goodbyes. Especially over the last five years. Some goodbyes more traumatic than others. I’ve noticed that the more I open my heart, the more emotions I feel when it’s time to say goodbye.

Like now.

image image

Today was my last full day in Mexico City. I have come to care for the people I have met here. No matter that it’s only been two weeks. Our little group of four missionaries and Tere, our director, have become close. And here I am saying goodbye again and feeling the sadness of separation. Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last night Sr. Carmelita, my spiritual companion while I’ve been here and a sweet and compassionate soul, shared photos from her three years serving in Mongu in Zambia. The dark faces of the children, eyes shining with wonder and joy, captured me. When Sr. Carmelita expressed how sad she felt to leave them, I understood.

How could she feel otherwise? She had opened her heart and loved them. But now she was needed somewhere else.

And that’s the life of a missionary, too. You open your heart and let them all in. And then after a while, you move on.

So you learn to make your heart your home. A good friend told me recently that that’s what I am learning to do. I hope I am. And I hope that, like Sr. Carmelita, my internal home will be overflowing with all the people I have taken in. With tears and joy and everything in between.

So, as I say goodbye, I’d like to share some photos of my temporary physical home with the sisters here in San Angel, Mexico City, with love:

image image

image image

Above photos are some scenes on the convent grounds.and below, around town.



2 thoughts on “Making My Heart My Home

  1. Karen Moore

    Thank you for sharing your work in Mexico Pauline. It means a lot. The love you share for the people you work with comes through clearly and with bright hope.
    Stay safe on your journey.


  2. Rob Morrell

    Lovely, Pauline – and so poignantly, painfully, wonderfully true.

    Not sure I ever shared one piece I wrote a while ago that touches on that same theme. I’ll dig it up and send it along.

    Safe travels back to San Antonio.

    ¡Vaya con Diós!

    Love, Rob

    Rob Morrell, MD, MBA Physician Consultant 2628 Fairview Rd. Raleigh, NC 27608 Cell: 919-614-6754 Email:



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