Hola from Mexico City

Walkway at Benedictine Monastery in Cuernavaca
Walkway at Benedictine Monastery in Cuernavaca

I have nearly completed my two-week orientation in Mexico City with Incarnate Word missionaries. Long days packed with teachings by various credentialed instructors on everything from understanding one’s identity and Liberation theology to the spiritual concepts of interior cultivation.


My knees speak to me every night, wondering when I’m going to pick up my exercise routine and yoga poses again. And my healthy, nearly vegetarian diet learned the word “adios” soon after we arrived.

But despite the changes and adaptations, and the continued uncertainty of how things will go while I’m away from home, I am happy to be here. What I feel and hear and experience resonates within me that this is where I belong. The three-day retreat we recently had at a Benedictine Monastery in Cuernavaca only reaffirmed my decision. During the silence, while wandering the beautiful grounds, I discovered yet another metaphor in yet another tree — I have a thing for trees — about the gift of not resisting, of being willing to go underground and hang out in the darkness for awhile, just as the seed does. What emerges will be completely new and surprising — like the humongous, glorious tree that stood before me.image image


Tomorrow is our commissioning, or sending-off, ceremony. I feel excited and joyful while still unsure of what’s ahead. What will life be like as a missionary in San Antonio? What will I encounter along the way? How will I deal with the anxiety and loneliness that’s certain to arise? These are questions I cannot answer now. Just as we have been taught this week, all I can do is be present. Present to what is here. Now. And this is exactly where God is.

2 thoughts on “Hola from Mexico City

  1. Rob Morrell

    Good to hear from you from this next step on the journey, Pauline. No doubt you are correct that moments of loneliness and anxiety will arise as the days go on, and no doubt you will be accompanied then as you have been during such moments up to now. As the Irish say, there’s no use in borrowing trouble; it will come when it will come, and your faith will be there to support you as it already has on so many occasions. All is well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well…
    With a brother’s love,


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